BROADWAY BOUND USA is an organization that fosters the passion, understanding, and development of the performing arts through a variety of engaging artistic programs and services.



BROADWAY BOUND USA is home to a variety of performing arts programming and education, in addition to collaborations with teaching artists, schools and the community. Rooted in musical theatre, we seek to inspire, foster, support and promote outstanding creative arts.  BROADWAY BOUND USA strives to provide high quality instruction through an experienced staff and teaching partnerships to empower creative expression at every level.



BROADWAY BOUND USA has emerged from the philosophy to “keep changing, keep asking, keep growing, keep evolving, keep succeeding, keep moving and keep shining.” The ability to go beyond means there’s no boundaries for the classes, services, business partners and opportunities we can explore and offer. Our success lies in the ability to evolve and respond to the shifts in our community and overall creative needs. BROADWAY BOUND USA will always appreciate and value our audiences, the talent of our artists, and the dedication of our staff and volunteers.